Dial-A-Ride Permission Packet

The Town of Acton is very pleased to be able to offer the MinuteVan Dial-A-Ride van service, which is open to all Acton residents and to students in the Acton-Boxborough School system who follow the program guidelines.  Children under the age of 12 must ride with an adult and children between the age of 12 and 18 may ride alone with their parent’s permission.  This includes students aged 12-18 in the Acton-Boxborough School system whose parents complete the required registration process.  The attached packet includes everything you need to get your 12 – 18 year old registered so that they can begin using the program. Please review these attached documents carefully and be sure that you and your child understand them to ensure everyone’s safety on the MinuteVan Dial-A-Ride service. 

Attached you will find the following:

Once you and your children review and sign both of the documents (be sure to keep a copy for yourself) you should mail them to the address on the Permission Form.  After they have been processed a  pass will be mailed to your home address for your child.  The pass is valid until the end of the year.  Your child must have the pass with them any time they want to use the van.

The safety of all of our passengers is paramount to the MinuteVan Dial-A-Ride program, but we do pay particular attention to the needs of our youngest riders. That is why it is so important that you review the attached documents carefully.  While many of our young riders may be familiar with riding the school bus, we expect that few will have experience riding public transportation of this nature.   
Please email me at coordinator@minutevan.net if you have any questions at all or need any additional information.
Happy Van Riding!
Michele Brooks
MinuteVan Coordinator
Town of Acton